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Declarer Play
System Notes

The Fifth Chair's Archives are an expansive resource on many bridge topics.  These documents are designed to be viewed online or printed by using the Adobe Acrobat Reader or compatible software.

If these pages won't open for you or you do not have the Acrobat reader, please click on the button below to download.

Some other documents available offsite but produced by our own Anna Marsh, one of our board members, provide very expansive notes on SAYC and 2/1 Game Forcing systems and are highly recommended.

annam/sayc.htm (this is the main "frontpage")
annam/sayc01.htm (the web version of the main system)
annam/sayc02.htm (the Part2 Optional Conventions)
annam/2-1.html (2/1 done with John Hoffman)

Are Reverses Forcing? Bidding after originally passing
Bidding against Preempts Bidding Competitively vs Silent Opps
Bidding Partner's Values Cuebids to show a raise in partner's suit
Defensive Bidding after Hamilton Defensive Bidding after Unusual NT
Defensive bidding over weak two-bids Doubles after 1NT opener
Fit jump with Mini Splinters Forcing Bids
Game Tries Inverted Minors
Inverted Minors (another) Law of Total Tricks Method
Length Points Counting Method Losing Trick Count
Modern Bridge Bidding of 5 Card Majors Modern NT Bidding
Opening 1NT vs 1M with a 5 Card Major Preemptive Bids
Responses to 1NT Openers Quiz Rules of 7, 10,11, 12, 15, 19, and 20
Weak Two-Bids Responder's Reverses
Captain of the Hand Multi 2D
Defense to Multi 2D The Importance of Accurate Bidding

Bergen Raises Checkback Stayman
DOPI, DEPO, PODI & ROPI Four Suit Transfers
Four Suit Transfers (another) Fourth Suit Forcing
Gambling 3NT Jacoby 2NT
Jacoby Transfers Jordan (aka Dormer)
Lebensohl Lightner Doubles
Michaels Cuebids Mini-Roman
Mini-Splinters Minor Suit Stayman
Negative Doubles New Minor Forcing
Ogust Puppet Stayman
RKC for Minor Suit Openings Roman Keycard Blackwood (RKC)
Flannery Takeout Doubles
Unusual NT Unusual NT Quiz
Drury Smolen
SOS Redouble Stayman + Quiz
Balancing No Trump Unusual No Trump (another)
Crash BART
Astro and Pinpoint Astro  

Introduction to Defensive Strategies Journalist Leads
Signals and Discards Which Suit to Lead
Rusinow Leads Smith Echo
Trump Suit Echo Rusinow Leads (another)
Journalist Leads (another) Counting at Bridge

Declarer Play
Finesses When to Draw Trumps
Trump Management when Declaring  

System Notes
SAYC System Notes Short SAYC Test

21 Rules of Being a Good Partner Bridge Abbreviations
How Cards Split Tournament Scoring - MP vs IMP
Yarborough Scoring at Team Games
Four Things about Partnerships Alerts

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