SA-YC Simplified

Simplified and Expanded by Wayne Flournoy
and Anna Marsh (OKbridge user-name: "ana")

Originally developed as ACBL Standard Yellow Card.

ALERT! The SAYC Part 1 has been revised to clarify and correct errors and omissions - 21st July, 2002

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This document has been divided into 2 parts - Part 1 covers the SAYC bidding system and Part 2 covers a few of the optional conventions used on OKbridge.

Part 1 Errors, Omissions, Amendments, Additions prior to 21st July 2002:

Part 2 simplifies some of the more common "optional" conventions used on OKbridge both with SAYC and, more usually, with 2/1.

Part 2 Errors, Omissions, Amendments, Additions:

Although one may prefer to play KISS (Keep it Simple Sweetie) , there are some conventions that one should know, if only to be aware of what the opponents are telling each other! If you would like to learn more conventions, an excellent source (and the main source for this document) is "Modern Bridge Conventions" by William S. Root & Richard Pavlicek. This book can be ordered (Worldwide) from Baron Barclay Bridge Supplies

Available Zipped Documents:

Part 1 revised 21st July, 2002
Part 2(Optional Conventions) (updated 10th March 2003)
(these were written in Word 2000 but should be compatable with Word 7 and possibly Word 6. The ACBL CC may lose some formatting in Word 7 in which case you may like to download the PDF version of it instead.

Available PDF Documents

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Part 1 Revised 21st July, 2002
Part 2 (Optional Conventions)(updated 10th March, 2003
ACBL CC (as at 1999)

If you are unable to download the documents, please contact and request a printout. You will need to cover the printing, P&P charges and any donation to fifthchair would be welcome.

Please revisit this site to ensure your copies are current, since I am constantly working on the documents to correct, expand, add - Ana, June 1999

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