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Welcome to the Bridge School area of the Fifth Chair Foundation! The Bridge School is currently a series of 16 introductory-level lessons on many different aspects of bridge. Each lesson also comes with a quiz that allows you to check your progress. The lessons on bidding in this section are based on commonly accepted American bidding styles with five card majors.

The lessons do not need to be taken in order; if there is a specific aspect of your game you'd like to work on, simply go to the lesson you'd like to practice.

In addition to this series of lessons our Archives have dozens of PDF documents on all sorts of bridge related topics, many of which are geared for more advanced players.

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Lesson 1: Point Count and Suit Length

Lesson 2: About Bidding

Lesson 3: Scoring in Rubber Bridge

Lesson 4: Three Important Questions

Interlude: Standard American - Yellow Card

Lesson 5: Hand Shapes & Opener's Points

Lesson 6:
The Stayman Convention

Lesson 7: Jacoby Transfers

Lesson 8:
Other Responses to a 1NT Opener

Lesson 9: Two Club Openers

Lesson 10: Opening 1 of a Major

Lesson 11: Responding to 1 of a major with a fit

Lesson 12:
Opener's rebids when a fit has been found

Lesson 13: Responder's rebids when the partnership has found a fit

Interlude: The Partnership Doesn't Have an Immediate Fit

Lesson 14: Responder doesn't have a fit for Opener's Major Suit

Lesson 15: Opener's rebids after responder bids 1NT

Lesson 16: Responder rebids after his first response is 1NT

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